Mineral & Meridian is a small business based in Santa Fe, New Mexico specializing in handmade wire wrapped jewelry run by me, Nicole, and all items are handmade by me personally.

A little bit about me...I'm from Northern California, a member of the Karuk Tribe of California, and I came to New Mexico to attend the Institute of American Indian Arts where I recently received a BFA in Studio Arts. Most people know me as the bartender at George R.R. Martin's Jean Cocteau Cinema (hey, stop in for a movie or a drink sometime and say "hi!") but I also do other cool things like making jewelry...and sometimes, on a particularly slow day, you might even catch me making jewelry at the bar.


This little side business is the result of years of wire wrapping experience with a touch of family tradition. My Grandmother has always been a huge aide in cultivating my creative side; after learning wire wrapping she retired from teaching at a fairly early age, moved to Hawaii, and built a successful business selling handmade jewelry. Naturally, I spent a lot of time as a kid watching her work and it didn't take long before I was sitting next to her making jewelry myself. So the tradition continues, and perhaps I'll retire and and go live by the beach one of these days...